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December 30, 2001

Well, limited edition began on December 25, Cristmas Day. It could be a reason why on next day movie theather was full of people. Or maybe movie was just worth to see it.

Kevin Spacey was good. Unexpectudly, I catched him a couple of times plaing somebody else not his charachter. Julianne Moore played really nice girl, until the girl started been real and expressed her own drama. Cate Blanchett was a real cheap slut you may die for without asking any question. Unfortunately she died really fast and the movie began.

Have you ever try to look at picture for long time guessing, dreaming and imaging what is behind the frame? That what you could feel watching the movie. Fortunately flat and static picture became alive and you can see about everything you want to. You just needed to be silent and carefull for a long time.

By the way, Kevin Spacey is Golden Globes 2002 nominee.


December 25, 2001

The movie started on Wendesday 19. All tikets were sold out. Somethimes it happened. On Thursday tickets were sold out again. The same stories happened on Friday and Suturday. Well, on Suturday I bought ticket to Sunday show and finally sit in auditorium on Sunday, 22. By the way, all tickets were sold out.

Hardly known actor and actress tried to express ideas of Dr. Tolkien. Well, I believed they could. They just couldn't do it wright away. They just needed to stop for a while and make a deep breath, but there was no time to stop. So everybody moved around making noise. Somethimes a character could appear from nowhere and started The Movie. It just didn't last for long, so movie looked like not very good combination of different style episods.

Contemorary reality or something else didn't integrate the cast into the movie time and place. Moreover, most of them looked like people without dignity. Such interpretation of very aristocratic society made nobles look like slaves.

There was terrible sound. It was too annoying that made even a good episods look worse.
Scary parts of the movie looked the best. However, was it what people went to watch?

Well, good book will not become worse because of not too good movie. You can feel that very solid background the movie is built on. It just didn't reach a level it could.


December 18, 2001

Being in a company of Penelope Cruz , Cameron Diaz , and Kurt Russell , Tom Cruise still was the main reason to watch the movie. Yes, he was the brightest one over there but he did not do the best he could.

To me, he looked tired and uncomfortable like a person who thinks a lot about something else when doing the job. Russel was looking good and that's it. Cruz somethimes tried to be alive, but after watching her in Woman on Top you'd understand what I meant. Diaz was really good in a car right before she died and she almost dissappeared after her death.

So, what do we have now? Well, theathers full of people and all the show sold out in the opening day. By the way, it was just one new release on last Friday.


December 12, 2001

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts each of these names could force me to go to the movie with just the single actor. All of them made the movie trip undeniable.

Well, episodical appearance of Julia Roberts didn't make the movie worse. I just didn't have enough time to enjoy her. Most of the time Clooney and Pitt were the main charachters. Demon started his play in a second half. That's probable it.

Many people compare the movie to the original version of 1960 with Frank Sinatra . I didn't see the old one so I've just watched the movie without anything in my mind. I liked that. Maybe the very end was a little bit fantastic, but the rest was very well made.
I think it was one of the best movie I've seen this year.


October 28, 2001

Kevin Spacey was amazing and Jeff Bridges was a sort of a doctor you don't want to go to. When he met a real gay (Spasey's "Prot") he almost lost his mind.

Was the movie about theire relationship? It could be at the first sign. Much more important topic was how we accept something different. Iain Softley's movie told us that we can't do it at all, unless you're ill as the neibors of mental facility or want to be as strange as Dr. Powell (Bridges' character).

What do you want? To sit at home with locked door or something else?

October 6, 2001

Bruce Willis was the main reason I decided to watch a sneak preview of "Bandits". By the way, he was just one star there I knew. Unfortunately, he wasn't the brightest one. The rest of basic characters were about equal to his one.

All commercial I've seen so far called this a comedy. To me, this was the main line. Well, you could laugh all time long during watching this movie, but strong appearence of Kate (Cate Blanchett ) forced me to start thinking about many things such as feminism, sexuality, relationships, friendship, etc. It made the comedy to become the tragedy. The tragedy of one person just smashed the rest of those people and opened their deep feelings and fears.

After I started seen the movie with such feeling, the very end of the movie was an unbelievable fair tale wich had nothing to do with the rest of the movie.

You can have a diffferent opinion but you have to see the movie first.

September 28, 2001

Yesterday I could choose beetween Michael Douglas (Don't Say a Word ) and Anthony Hopkins . I chose later based on review in my local paper - Riverfront Times.
Well, it was a good movie, but don't expect more. Forget about intelligent Hannibal. You perhaps could feel him but wouldn't see. I would tell that this character wasn't a mainstreem of Hopkins' creatins, but it might be an axegaration.
If you want to see that kind of melodrama which returns you back to the time you started growing up, go and see it. Not much more you'll find.

September 10, 2001

Well, it's been almost a month I add nothing over here. For that time I've seen three movies so Rock Star (see poster above) wasn't just one I talk about. Jeepers Creepers and The Curse of the Jade Scorpion were others. So far it looks like Jeepers Creepers was better than others, but it too depends on what you like to watch. Maybe you like rock music so you'd like to listen to the music of "Rock Star". You'll definitely prefer strange character of Nicole Kidman in "The Others" than nothing to tell about role of Jennifer Aniston in "Rock Star".
I prefer something that really scared me. I can tell nothing about Justin Long exept I was gonna tell his hero that noone can be too weak. Even his sister looked like a real person, but him.
Woody Allen's movie was enjoyable and funny, but you have to be old one to understand it really good. I did like Helen Hunt character, by the way.

Anyway, you could go to the movie and have a fun or you could rent better movie and stay home. Up to you.

August 11, 2001

I didn't see Moulin Rouge - first movie where Nicole Kidman played without her former husband. (By the way, he's a producer of this movie).
Well, my local paper told really intriguing story about this movie. The word horror (The others) sounded much better then teenager sex jokes ( American Pie 2).
Movie theater was about full half hour before movie started. There were several good horror scence. For some reason I recalled recent re-release of Exorsist . Perhaps it'd be better to compare this movie with Sixth Sence or even with Blair Witch Project.
Anyway, this is an horror movie not an art picture. Be ready to accept it as it is.

August 9, 2001

Right below I mentioned Angelina Jolie . If you really like her as Oskar winner, for instance, you have to see Original Sin. Thiis movie is somehoow close to the Girl, Interrupted she recieved her Oskar for.
Seeng her naked in a bed with Antonio Banderas can help you to compare Julia Russell with Lara Croft, if it's interested for you. By the way, Luis Antonio Vargas - Banderas' hero - is really crazy guy.
Just accept those two as who they pretent to be and enjoy the movie.

June 16, 2001

I was surprized when I found that movie's full name is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider , not just "Tomb Raider" as I thought.
Angelina Jolie sometimes looked really beautiful in this movie. What was the movie about? I didn't get. Maybe you could do it.
Anyway, poor action, nothing smart, movie about nothing, and gorgeous Lara Croft are what you can see if you go.

June 14, 2001

Swordfish was the movie I've seen last Friday.
John Travolta was really good at least sometimes. He was much better than in "Lucky Numbers" but fatter than in 1970's.
\\$250,000 dollars was paid Halle Berry to show her brests. So far it's looked like wasting the money if don't count on good number of movie watchers.
As my local paper told, refrasing one of TV channels "movie for the guys who like to go to the movie". I agreed.

June 06, 2001

What's the Worst That Could Happen? seemed to be a good movie. I didn't see Danny DeVito in a movie for a long time. I decided to take a look on him. He looked about the same as on Academy Award 2001. He just didn't eat too much as he did over there. However, he didn't look soo lively and funny like it was in Twins.
Martin Lawrence who I discovered in Blue Streak was much more alive. Unexpectudly his jokes were made for young adults auditorim. By the way, DeVito played more stupid guy.
Unfortunatly I had a good time. Maybe you'll have it too.

May 27, 2001

The King is Alive is "Official selection Cannes film festival" commercial told in my local paper. What could be a reason to choose this one, I'd thought when I went to see the movie.
I didn't discovered that reason after I watched this movie. It was good however I felt like it pretended to be more then it is. A long, long talks about theyself, their feelings, and their willings made the movie long despite 1h49min running time. This movie reminded me Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in some way. It looked like producers wanted repeat sucsess of later one in Cann. What they really did was the movie didn't look like an American one. It wasn't bad, but you have to be art crazy person to find this movie very attractive.
If you like pazzles this movie is waiting for you. If not, go watch Pearl Harbor and take a rest over there.

Memento was the movie you didnt't want to watch "under the influence of alcochol". It would be difficult to accept the movie style. By the way, the movie was opened to play on March 16. In my city it started about two weeks ago. The critics was too high I needed to see it.
Well, it was good. Moreover, it was simple enough to understand. There were no need to listen to every word to find out what this movie is for. Picter was great. The idea to play movie backward was the best one I've met recently. I don't know any of actors who were in this movie. Maybe you don't even need to know - just go and watch.

May 16 2001

A Knight's Tale was a name of the movie I saw last week. Despite Yahoo's rating (0 of 5 today), the movie wasn't bad. To me the most influential scene was when the hero recieved a noble status.
The rest wasn't really unexpected. However everything was good assembled and episodes were well tied.
You'll have a good time if you aren't an oldtimers and don't expect a lot from this movie.

May 8 2001

Well, it's been a while, when I could update this page. Anyway, since last time I've seen two good movies:

A lot of older people, who liked to see 007 was waiting for. He came as Pierce Brosnan and he was 007. At least my local paper ment so. I was really happy to see Jamie Lee Curtis . She looked too young I couldn't believe.
Anyway, you should be prepared to that spies movie or you won't like it.

Driven was another movie I've seen about week ago.

I do like Sylvester Stallone . He was a main reason to me to see this movie. Unexpectudly, he was just one reason. After one week I can't tell anything about others. They were there, but I don't remember anybody.
Speed, races, nice cars, and dynamic movie with no big sence that's what you'll see.

April 7 2001

I wanted to laugh last weekend so I went to see Just Visiting on Friday. I did.
Jean Reno was really good as a nobble man and Christian Clavier was exactly a slave he played.
It was funny to see how the nobble inspired every single thought of his slave and the later became too impressed by democracy. I wouldn't forget that phrase "I wanna be cool!" as the reason to stay in the future.

Anyway, it was a good movie just aq little bit short (1h28min). Have a fun if you go to see it.

03-20-2001. Exit Wounds

I like action movie with Steven Seagal . I think he is very good martial art actor. This was a main reason I went to the cinema last Friday.

I wasn't dissapointed, however I 'd divide the movie into two parts. Very dynamic beginning and slow, unbelievable and sometimes stupid second half. You still could watch it but you aren't too intrested as at the beginning.

Well, it's not The Pledge so if you expect a lot of smart talks rent DVD and stay home.

03-01-2001. Chocolat

Yes, you are right this is movie of last year. I just couldn't see it as soon as it came out. I saw it yesturday.

Well, after three month of show there were a lot of people in the movie theater. Everyone was going to see the movie and fortunatly they saw it.

I don't have to tell much. 5 times Academy Award nomination could tell you more I think.

. I would rate it close to The Plledge, however this movie is different in many aspects. Anyway you should be interesting to discover who you are to like this movie.

02-24-2001. 3000 Miles to Graceland

Well, this was the only new movie in a cinema nearby. Kurt Russell , and Kevin Costner are persons you want to see on a screen. You can also see a couple from Scream 3 who are husband and wife in real life. I'm talking about David Arquette and Courteney Cox .
Kevin Costner was really bad guy and acted accordingly. Russell looked unexpectedly young. Courteney was good and looked very sexy.

There wasn't many smart talking or good action scenes. I'd rate this movie like so-so, however if you go you won't just waste your time.

If the movie is too controversial probably it's really good. At least some people think so.
I think the best decision was to replace Jodie Foster to Julianne Moore . Now you can see a real woman and a real policeman. That's probably is why Hannibal reacted in this particular way not like it was before.

Anyway, you wonna see blod? You'll see a lot of. You wanna hear sentensess? You'll be listen to speaches (I surprised by people being silent almost all movie).
\\$57,000,000 for the opening week is too much. You can either like it or hate it, but you need to see it first.

I'm really a big fan of Jack Nicholson .
I was going to see a new movie with a Master in it and I did it. I was so impressed by everything and everybody in this movie that I couldn't say what was the best: Nicholson himself, Sean Penn as the director, Benicio Del Toro who recently won Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actor (motion picture). Or mayby Friedrich Durrenmatt's original novel was really good? I don't know. However, I strongly recommend to see this movie if you like to think about anything bigger than a food.

By the way, you can read an artical about this movie in my local paper.

As usually I've read my local paper on Wednesday. "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" had the highest rank and I went to see it.
Yeah, that movie is good. There are a number of comic situations you could fell down of your chair. No surprise it was ranked 5 of 5 on Yahoo. However, if you go, you should be prepared to the southern American accent.