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From January to May of 2001

Well, the purpose of creating an archive is to keep what was said about those movies I've seen. Because I've just moved obsolete parts of my Movie page by using "Copy" and "Paste" command there could be some problems like some links could be working some. I'm sorry I'm not gonna fix that.
You can write me about the proplems you've found here

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08-26-2000 Recent addition, 08-26-2000

The Art of War with Wesley Snipes was a movie I've seen yeasturday.
I'd tell a very good action movie if there weren't too much political explanations of what's going on. About after every action scene there is a talk about who did that and why. Skip that talking and you have very realistic and truly movie.
At least one scene looks like not good copy of The Matrix . But "The Matrix" is a top movie every movie wants to look like or better.
If you like action movie there is a good chance you'll like this one.

08-19-2000 Recent addition, 08-19-2000

Short story about my latest movie started by reading aricle "Two managers who made a difference go new ways" By Diane Toroian Of The KSHE-FM 94.7,the Point (KPNT-FM 105.7), the River (WVRV-FM 101.1), and the Rock (KXOK-FM 97.1). There was one station I haven't been a listener to: Extreme (104.1-FM). This station has a talk show "... built around Howard Stern ...".
Let's listen to that show. I turned my radio to that station and heard his opinion about the movie he saw recently: The Cell

He was so exciting about movie and his words sounded too good that I went to the theater nearby to see the movie. An article The Cell in Riferfront Times just helped me to go.
I was disappointed. That wasn't kind of movie I was going to see. I'd tell that movie is a primitive one. Some kind of the "The Blear Witch Project". I didn't see anything of "Silence of the lamb"" and any comparing with " The Matrix" makes me smile.
That could be a good movie to see it once. That's it.

08-06-2000 Recent addition, 08-06-2000

I haven't seen American Beauty until last week. It wasn't even possible to rent a video at Blockbuster; all copies were rented. Anyway, fortunatly I saw this on video rentet in another place.
After seing The Talented Mr. Ripley about half of movie looked like a slow motion to me. It was interesting, smart, sometimes funny, just looks slow. However, Kevin Spacey was too realistic, family description and relationship were shown too truly that it made me live with the movie heroes.
I'd tell that this movie is simple enough for understanding. But don't forget about five Academy Awards and a banch of others you probable never heard about.
If you heven't seen this movie yet, turn off your computer and go see this movie.

08-05-2000 Recent addition, 08-05-2000

Space Cowboys was a movie I've seen yesterday.
Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones were the names whiche inspired me to go. I wasn't disappointed.
Well, this wasn't a teenager movie. There weren't a lot of fights, nasty language or so on. That was a good movie about a group of old people whose dream became true.
Sometimes a language sounded like a very technical, somewhere after 90 min movie slows down for 15-20 min. However, I'd value it as a very good.
Official site

Recent additions, 07-22-2000

What Lies Beneath Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer made me go to the movie. However,I wasn't going to see a horror movie. "...a great centerpiece to show Hollywood great movies can be achieved without all those special effects." [ NZone on Yahoo]
A middle of the movie looks like a slow one. Some thinks don't look truly, yet still a good movie.

About one week ago I rented two movies from Blockbuster.
Girl, Interrupted and The Talented Mr. Ripley .
The first one was really good and easy understood. I liked that movie.
However the second one was great, excellent and influenced me too much I couldn't go to my bed. I've just sit in a front of my TV set with my eyes wide opened. For long time I havn't seen so smart, intellegent, and exciting movie which you can't easely understand and want to see over and over again.
In my movie list it should be on the very top.

Recent additions, 07-07-2000

I've just seen Scary Movie. Well done comedy is rated 4 star on Yahoo by users.
This movie was a parody of recent Hollywood movies: The Sixth Sense, The Matrix , Screem-3, I know what you did last summer, and The Blair Witch Project (maybe more, but I recognized just these). Most of time it's a parody of Screem-3, sometimes of I know what you did last summer, episodically of the rest.
Teenager auditory reacted very loud on sexy jokes and language.
Ticket seller told me that movie is "kind of nasty".
In my opinion this movie was a kind of chip pop-culture prtoduct; movie for having a good time today.
Official site is here.

Late news, 07-01-2000

Shaft was a movie with a big talk about. Well, it doesn't look great, just good enough. My comments to "Big Mamma's House" fully apply to this movie as well.

Late news, 06-23-2000

Me, Myself & Irene was the movie I've seen yesturday. I like Jim Carrey's face. This was the reason to go to the movie.
Well, "Dump and Dumper" mixed with idea of "The men on the moon" give us good, funny movie. That's it.
If you want to read more click here. Official site of this movie is there.

Recent news, 06-21-2000

1. Boys don't cry. There were slow beginning, even slower middle part, and unexpected final. However the movie doesn't seem slow or not interesting. Hilary Swank was named Best Actress of 72nd Academy Awards.

Recent news, 06-21-2000

1.New link added on the Movie Gone in 60 second".
You can't see how blue Angelina Jolie's eyes are in this picture, but you can find abother one.

2. Movie "Big Mamma's House" started on Wednesday (06-07- 2000). About 50 people were in theater, just several were whites. The movie wasn't bad, but it was a movie for people who like to watch the BET channel.
Click here for more information about that movie.

3. "Gone in 60 second" could be a big one. However, Nicolas Cage still is an angel from "City of Angels." So,the movie is slow and doesn't look like an action movie.