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Here is my comments about movies I'd seen in 2002

A Beautiful Mind
The Bourne Identity
The Business of Strangers
Black Hawk Down
Collateral Damage
Gosford Park
Jason X
Minority Report
Y Tu Mama Tambien

December 15, 2002

For the time gone I've seen several more movies I couldn't report here.
The king of Marvin Garden, Privat Parts, and 92 in the Shade were shown as a part of local film event Cinema of Neglect. There were a great collection of the movies you can hardly see on your TV screen.
As a fan of Jack Nickolson I couldn't miss the oportunity to see him being young. He was great and the movie was so emotionally deep I'd cry if I see it at home.
Somebody colled the hotel in second movie "the most strange hotel before The Shining". It wasn't the only thing in this movie, but it was definitely the only place. It was called porno in 1972, but looking from our time we can just smile and enjoy.
The most terrific expirience was the last movie. It was something simular to seing a part of a real people life through the open window and they don't know about you.

By the way, the screening of 1970-s movies will continue at the beginning of 2003.

Harry Potter 2, Bowling for Columbine and Solaris were the new movies I saw. I don't have mach to say about thirst one. It was just good.
The second one was a documentary and I was surprised seing almost full theather at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning screening. The movie was really good.
It had sharp and fast acting and dialogs at the beginning, but to the end it switched the tone to more narrative and well understandable topics. Anyway, there were several not widly known facts and event you'd like to see and hear about.
The last one was a real surprise. After Tarkovsky's movie the new one was much faster, less sophisticated, much less technical (although somebody already called it very technical) and much more fanny (several times people laughed).
Well, if you don't ask philosophical questions and don't need the same answers, you have "good loving story" as somebody advertised the movie.

June 23, 2002

Minority Report

The movie of the big names I'd tell about this movie. Some people may argue about precise size of them or (more important) about their guality. You may be sure that the movie doesn't lift them up. It may keep them about in the same place where they are now.

The only winner there was Philip K. Dick. His idea was so influential that in recent issue of U.S. News ... somebody even compared the movie with "dirty bomb" case.

What was surprising: the absent of woman surrounding Tom Cruise. It may be the reason for Anderton (Cruise's character) looking real a couple of times. Unfortunately, the director (Steven Spielberg) somehow repeated his previous movie A.I.: Artificial Intelligence . For the later one it was a "dead hand" of Stanley Kubrick, which made it look as a number of different episodes. What was the reason here you may just guess.

Anyway, you can find a plenty of things to enjoy, when seeing the movie. Just go watch it.


June 16, 2002

The Bourne Identity

It looks like I wasn't here for long time. Well, I actually saw some movies, but there weren't many of this year. "Spider Man" was one of them, but it wasn't the movie I was excited to talk about. Finally "The Bourne Identity" came out.

I discovered Matt Damon in the movie called "The Talented Mr. Ripley". Since the time he was in seven more movies. I've seen several, but he wasn't as good as there. Well, even here he wasn't as good, however it was the best of his recent movie.

Actually you could see how hard is to interpret 1970-s to 2000. You have to drop some things, to sumplify anothers and finally get the movie. Well, you may like what you've got or to be critical to it, but it's already existed and you have to live with it.

The same matters apply to the spy games of that time. They still exist now and they didn't change a lot since. Neiter we did. However we want to percieve the world differently and to see something we didn't see or didn't pay enough attention before. Good try. Let it be succesfull.

If you not gonna start thinking about what I said, the movie will be the pure action movie and very good made, by the way. So go to the movie theather and enjoy.


April 30, 2002

Jason X

After seing "Friday the 13th" long time ago, I was too scared that I ran home. Maybe that memory forced me to go to the newest movie about Jason.

Well, it was too much new that old Jason almost disappeared. What left was just a weak copy of the terrible killer. Morover, adding teens and theire jokes made the movie looked almost as funny as TV show. Kane Hodder already played Jeson in 1989 "Friday ...". The rest of the people are unknown.

It may become a new style of horror movie, where you actually aren't scared. Well, what would be a scare movie then?


April 14, 2002

Look at any rating and you'll see how good the movie is. However don't forget that those rating reflect mostly mature audience. By mature I mean people who see naked body very differently then those teenagers Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna do.

So you may start seing some kind of real teen movie with that particular kind of jokes and reactions. However, in a middle of the movie you unexpectudly discover the beauty and strangeness of Maribel Verdu and that's it. You're in and there is no easy way out. Doesn't really matter if you waiting for next bed scene, taking a rest as they do, or just wanna know what's gonna on.

You'll know all the answers. All you need to do is go to the movie.


March 29, 2002

Bill Gallo was too excited writing about the movie that I believed him.
Well maybe the author was excited a little bit too much.

Be prepare to see a couple of women doing something and a lot of men who come and go aproximately without a single word being said. Exception, for Nick Harris who was permitted to talk.
By the way, the movie wasn't so bad as it could look like.

After such pessimistic overview, I've just needed to repeat:

Let's not confuse "Best picture" with the best picture. All of the bandwith and dead trees that are consumed by Oscar predictions are really about forecasting the votes of a pericular electorat, not about christening the best movie of 2001. (Jow William, Pick a movie, any movie, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 24, 2002)


March 16, 2002

To say that Showtime is the year's best glossy studio entertainment film thus far may be the ultimate in faint praise. The first quarter is always pretty bad -- following the majors' traditional end-of-the-year marketing/release orgies -- but 2002 has been several degrees worse than usual. From the dual Pearce-ings of The Count of Monte Cristo and The Time Machine to the laughable Mothman Prophecies and the sadly unlaughable Kung Pow! Enter the Fist, from the incoherently mutilated Rollerball to the inadequately mutilated Dragonfly, the pickings have been so pathetic as to make the competent, effective Showtime stand out like high art. (Andy Klein, On With the Show, Riverfront Times, March 13-19)

As you can see, there was no way to pass the movie.

Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy were good. Unfortunately, the later one was a real clown and the former often was more funny.

Don't go to the movie if you want to see high art. It's pury cool entertainment movie, which is made very well.
Psycologycal background was very real and you could see it all the time.

The absent of women was really surprising. You could actually see some of actresses walking around, doing some movements, even pronouncing some words, however don't consider it as a movie character.


February 10, 2002

To me, it was difficult to avoid the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well, don't expect to see new Conan, Terminator or Eraser. An old man whose motivation was changed too often had no chance to compete with the women (Francesca Neri).

There were a lot of explanation of political background of everything. People who didn't like real purity of Black Hawk Down would enjoy it.

Once, the "terrorist" (Cliff Curtis) asked Gordon Brewer (Schwarzenegger's hero) "what is the difference between us?". "The difference is that I'm gonna kill you" was an answer. If you want to know what was the meaning of it go see the movie.

By the way, actions weren't always bad. Special effects were really good.

January 27, 2002

There were a good review of the movie in my local paper - Riferfront Times.
Well, the movie impressed me stronger than any movie I've told on my site.

The question I've still asked myself was said at the very end of the movie. "Why do you do it?". The answer - "I don't answer the question becouse you won't understand" - was a really great point to the whole story.

You could start thinking about real story the movie was based on. It would be even easeir to begin a lond discussion about the movie that doesn't entertain. The question about authority perhaps wouild arise too.

It could be important just for several people so why not to leave them along. The phrase "...nothing more than pure combat" definetely described such solition.

I recalled "The way of the gun" several times while watching the movie. I remembered simular criticism of that movie. What was really simular, by the way? The way how the goal was reached (was going to be reached). It didn't matter what was exact order. What did matter was the very individuality of the person who followed the order.

Are you ready to watch how different we are? You can do it!


January 20, 2002

There is not much to say about the movie I saw about week ago. It's just brilliant.

Well, referring to "upstair" - "downstair" zones may seem like sharp political or social division, but it's not.

It's what it suposted to be - the movie.


January 7, 2002

You could recognize the face of Gary Sinise immediately, however the main reason to go to the movie was Philip K. Dick . Well, you could agree or dissagree with the most of critics who accept just sci-fi side of his writing and the movie accordingly. You could truly appriciate foreseen almost 50 years ago present realities and conditions. You could start thinking about the meaning of being real and forget about the movie at all.

The later suggestion, makes movie much closer to the "Matrix", not to the "Total Recall", which it's being compared to.

Don't jump in the deep water if you can't swim.


The only one movie theater showed the movie for about one week. As you could imagine there was never a single ticket available. Furtunately, I could bue one on last Wendesday.

Would you recall sarcastic smile on the face of Russell Crowe when he got the award for "Gladiator". Maybe he knew the hight he could reach. So far John Forbes Nash, Jr. impressed me much more than Kevin Spacey's Quoyle .

Their competition at the end of the month will give the first clue. Wait for a while.